The Danger Within: Islam in America

If it weren’t for the fact that Islam has a 1,400 year history of war-mongering, invading, raping, pillaging, torturing, murdering and subjugating, there really wouldn’t be much to really worry about with regards to Islam in America. Without that bloody track record, Islam would be just another colored thread in the tapestry of America. But it is that very history that should keep all Americans awake, alert and educated. Here is a terrific essay by Daniel Pipes on the ever-growing thread of militant Islam in America. It’s worth noting that this article is from 2001…and look at how Islam-related incidents all over the world are present in the news on a daily basis now. Barely a day goes by that there isn’t some news about Muslims, and usually, it’s not anything good.

In the aftermath of the violence on September 11, American politicians from George W. Bush on down have tripped over themselves to affirm that the vast majority of Muslims living in the United States are just ordinary people. Here is how the President put it during a visit to a mosque on September 17: “America counts millions of Muslims among our citizens, and Muslims make an incredibly valuable contribution to our country. Muslims are doctors, lawyers, law professors, members of the military, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, moms and dads.” Two days later, he added that “there are millions of good Americans who practice the Muslim faith who love their country as much as I love the country, who salute the flag as strongly as I salute the flag.”

These soothing words, echoed and amplified by many columnists and editorial writers, were obviously appropriate at a moment of high national tension and amid reports of mounting bias against Muslims living in the United States. And it is certainly true that the number of militant Islamic operatives with plans to carry out terrorist attacks on the United States is statistically tiny. But the situation is more complex than the President would have it.

The Muslim population in this country is not like any other group, for it includes within it a substantial body of people—many times more numerous than the agents of Osama bin Ladin—who share with the suicide hijackers a hatred of the United States and the desire, ultimately, to transform it into a nation living under the strictures of militant Islam. Although not responsible for the atrocities in September, they harbor designs for this country that warrant urgent and serious attention.

In June 1991, Siraj Wahaj, a black convert to Islam and the recipient of some of the American Muslim community’s highest honors, had the privilege of becoming the first Muslim to deliver the daily prayer in the U.S. House of Representatives. On that occasion he recited from the Qur’an and appealed to the Almighty to guide American leaders “and grant them righteousness and wisdom.”

A little over a year later, addressing an audience of New Jersey Muslims, the same Wahaj articulated a rather different vision from his mild and moderate invocation in the House. If only Muslims were more clever politically, he told his New Jersey listeners, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. “If we were united and strong, we’d elect our own emir [leader] and give allegiance to him. . . . [T]ake my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.” In 1995, Wahaj served as a character witness for Omar Abdel Rahman in the trial that found that blind sheikh guilty of conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States. More alarming still, the U.S. attorney for New York listed Wahaj as one of the “unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the sheikh’s case.


Letter to Obama on the Muslim World

Like I said in a previous post…stats from the election showed that Muslims in America overwhelmingly backed Barack Obama, and you can bet they are waiting for the chance to have him return the favor. Your proof is below, and I’ve added some comments throughout the article. [My remarks are in blue.]

Letter to Obama on the Muslim World

by Arsalan Iftikhar

(CNN) — First of all, as one of more than 66 million Americans of all races, religions and ethnicities who voted for you, your electoral victory was one of the proudest moments of our collective lives.

As our American political history witnessed the magnitude of our nation’s first African-American president, our society was also able to collectively (and finally) exhale, knowing that the mailbox at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. would now read “Obama” instead of “Bush.”

With hardly a moment’s rest, as you transition toward Inauguration Day, our nation (and the rest of the world) will not wait for long before seeking your leadership on many pressing global issues.

From an economic recessionary mess to a perpetually broken health care system with 46 million American neighbors as uninsured casualties, your soon-to-be administration will face some monumental domestic and foreign policy issues that will affect us for generations.

From an ill-conceived war in Iraq to an oft-forgotten war in Afghanistan, from global flashpoints from Tel Aviv to Islamabad, your diplomatic and political interaction with the Muslim world may decide the success (or failure) of your foreign policy legacy. [MV: Really?? Why? Why, pray tell, are Muslims so special that they can make or break Obama’s foreign policy success? Think about that. And think about whether there has ever been another group in America about whom such an outlandish statement has been made.]

Your unenviable task will be to undo the catastrophic policies of George W. Bush and his fellow neoconservative ideologues, facing the specter of al Qaeda’s sinister terrorism while undertaking public diplomacy efforts addressing anti-Americanism around the world. [MV: “Neoconservative ideologues”? That’s rich, coming from a man who is speaking on behalf of a religion that is wreaking terror and havoc on almost every continent on the globe.]

Similarly, since the tragedy of September 11, the global Muslim community has continued its own daunting task of undoing catastrophic damage caused by Osama bin Laden and his creepy terrorist cronies. [MV: No, Muslims around the world have done exactly nothing to un-do the effects of radical Islamists. They have only perpetuated more violence and more oppression in the name of Islam, or else shrouded themselves in silence while claiming to be “moderate”. And I find it interesting that only Bin Laden is chalked up as a “creepy terrorist”. What about the other 300 million-plus creepy Islamic terrorists?]

From global debates on religious extremism broadcast on BBC World Television to global interfaith outreach with the Vatican, we Muslims are in the midst of our own internal dialogue condemning terrorism and reclaiming the mantle of Islam from the rusted claws of dinosaur extremists. [MV: I for one am earnestly waiting for evidence of this.]

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Muslims Get the Last Laugh at Swift

I am sure many of you were following the incidents that occurred at the Swift plant in Colorado a few months back. Basically, Muslims were demanding extra breaks in order to fill their quota of 5 prayer times per day to appease the wrath of their moon-cult god, Allah. Well, Swift buckled after the complaints of the non-Muslim workers (who are in the majority), refused to allow the extra breaks (because it’s unfair and discriminatory to the non-Muslims, duh) and the Muslims hit the roof. As you will recall the story ended with about 100 Muslims workers walking off the job and eventually getting fired. The full story is here in case you don’t know the details or may need a refresher. Read it all, ’cause it’s a real hum-dinger.

Now, an update to the story: Swift has been ordered to pay $365,000 in compensation to the Muslims who were fired. The company also has to pay out for having Muslims sign a note alerting them to the fact that they may have to occasionally handle pork products. It’s appalling yet not surprising. These incidents are not isolated events. They are history-making events which are setting precedents all over the nation.

MINNEAPOLIS — Under a settlement to a federal lawsuit, up to 100 Somali Muslims who are current or former workers at Gold’n Plump Inc. will receive a total of $365,000.

The settlement was filed in Minneapolis on Friday. It sprang from allegations of religious discrimination at the company’s chicken processing plants in Cold Spring and Arcadia, Wis.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed lawsuits against St. Cloud-based Gold’n Plump and the Work Connection Inc., an employment agency in St. Paul, which handled some hiring for the plant.

Under the settlement, Gold’n Plump agreed to pay $215,000 to workers who were terminated for taking prayer breaks.

The Work Connection will pay $150,000 to workers who were asked to sign a form acknowledging that they might be required to handle pork, which many Muslims consider unclean….

So the proposition that Muslims have special privileges in American society, to which others are not privy, is now enshrined in precedent.

“Yes, we can.”

Islam and Charities in the USA

It’s worth noting, dear readers, that Muslims don’t seem to run any charities or social organizations in America they aren’t distinctly Islam-related and which are open to serving all Americans in need of whatever service or charity it is being offered. Someone, please correct me on this if I’m wrong. But, so far as I know there is no Muslim version of say, the American Red Cross, no Muslim pro-life organizations (though supposedly Muslims are against abortion, homosexuality and in favor of what we in the west would call traditional family values), no Muslims building hospitals, homeless shelters or homes for unwed mothers or battered women. I have never heard of a Muslim-founded PTA group, a Muslim-founded children’s charity (at least not one that serves any non-Muslim children). The list could go on and on. Is there a Muslim group that promotes breast-cancer awareness? How about a Muslim group that promotes the environment? How about a Muslim version of Mary Kay (the world-famous cosmetics company founded by a devout Christian woman who wanted to create a company that would enable stay-at-home moms to raise their kids but also work part-time and contribute income to their families)?  Is there a Muslim-founded organanization to help people control their health and weight, like Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig? Any Muslim founded groups to help at-risk teenagers who are living on the streets? Any Muslim versions of Alchoholics or Narcotics Anonymous? Any Muslim-founded healthcare group like Doctors Without Borders? Well? Are there ANY groups, organizations, charities or support groups founded, funded and run by Muslims that serve ALL Americans?

Let me know if you think of something, but don’t strain yourself too hard. Muslims DO run charities in the US, clearly they do. Yeah, but see…there’s a catch. Those Islamic charities funded by big Muslim oil dollars are fronts for terrorist organizations and the money goes to fund jihad…in America. And the Muslims funding these charities? Why, they are the so-called “moderate majority” who claim to be opposed to Islamic terror and who claim to value western democracy, such as they enjoy here in America. Read on…

Charities and Terrorism

Terrorist networks and organizations have many “underground” means of financing themselves, from drug smuggling to cybercrime. As challenging as these clandestine methods are to globally eradicate, an equally vexing problem is how to shut-off jihadist funding siphoned off from so-called “legitimate” charities.

Addressing that problem, according to Tolga Koker Department of Economics and Carlos Yordan Department of Political Science Drew University, means addressing the question of why tens of thousands of Muslims who are not terrorists and often opposed themselves to terrorism nonetheless support the work of charities that support jihadist operations. Their new paper, titled Microfinancing Terrorism: A Study in Al Qaeda Financing Strategy, published Tuesday by the Social Science Research Network, tries to do just that.

Although new banking and financial regulations may have made it difficult for terrorist groups to move funds around the world, the authors argue, these groups have be quite resourceful in finding ways to adapt to the new regulatory environment and to undermine it.

“For terrorist networks,” they write, “especially those informed by jihadist ideologies, one source of finance is Muslims’ religious donations to Islamic charities. Although Al Qaeda and its affiliates have employed other funding mechanisms, individual donations are a key source of financing because it is a steady flow of funds.

Charities, according to the report, have been a fundamental part of Al Qaeda’s financial Infrastructure, not only helping Al Qaeda raise funds, but allowing it to move funds across national boundaries and hide the transfers from financial regulators.

Though some charities, according to the authors knowingly and actively supported Al Qaeda’s efforts, “most were not aware that al Qaeda operatives working for these charities or that they were siphoning off thousands of dollars to fund terrorist activities and to build Al Qaeda’s global network, which supported jihadist struggles in Chechnya, the Balkans, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia.”

“Given that Al Qaeda and other groups fund most of their activities through donations, collected by Islamic charities, why would Muslims provide funds to these organizations,” the authors ask.

The answer, the authors conclude, is that “social pressure forces moderate Muslims to publicly support the work of charities that may provide assistance to Al Qaeda or groups inspired by a jihadist worldview.”

As they explain it, an individual will comply with social pressures and donate funds to a charity that may supports jihadi causes if he perceives it as critical to his reputation and public recognition as a “practicing” Muslim. Given the primacy of charitable donations in the culture and status system of Muslim communities the need to maintain reputation in this sphere is a powerful force, one that Al Qaeda has been able to tap.

“Microfinancing jihadi charities has a snowballing effect,” they write. “A Muslim who previously refrained from donating to Islamic charities is likely to find himself in a position to provide some funds to religious organizations if he constantly observes his fellow acquaintances’ donations. As a bigger portion of Muslims are yielding to social pressures to contribute extra monies to jihadi charities, al Qaeda and other groups informed by jihadi goals will secure more funds to run their violent operations.”

The reputational model of charitable behavior, the authors believe, has strong implications for policy and counter-terror strategy.

“The model implies,” they say, “that identifying first and then publicly exposing such charities may help pious Muslims, especially those with high expressive drive to sincerely voice their concern among their communities. Encouraging individual donors with high threshold to voice their opinion against violence may create a snowballing effect deterring others from contributing to possible jihadi charities.”

“More importantly,” they conclude, “finding ways to decrease reputational benefits is crucial in curbing the financial resources flowing terrorist networks. However, this is not an easy task. It needs the involvement of secular charities to provide several basic services that were considerably diminished with the neo-liberal polices since the 1980s in Muslim countries and elsewhere. Strictly regulated foreign aid to secular charities may help in this regard.”

The ultimate goal of this campaign of cultural outreach will be “making contribution to jihadi charities unpopular, and hence, changing the direction of social pressure from donating monies to such charities to avoiding such organization will have a paramount effect in the fight against terrorism. This is a long-term goal which is not feasible in the very short run since it asks for major revisions in world politics of which the jihadi charities are by-products.”

Robert Malley, Obama’s “fired”/not-fired Pro-HAMAS Advisor

I’m plucking this from the blog of Debbie Schlussel, a terrific freedom fighter. You may remember the small scandal that occurred during Obama’s campaign in which he hired a guy named Robert Malley for his foreign policy advisor. Well, um, that didn’t go over too well, because in addition to being found to be frothingly anti-Israel, it also came to light that he was hob-knobbing with HAMAS. When this got out, Obama fired him. Or should I say “fired” him, since it turns out Malley was plugging for Obama all along, and continuing to rub shoulders with the Jew-hating HAMAS leaders while still working for Obama in his “fired” capacity. And this isn’t the first time Obama was caught hiring someone who was a pro-terrorist, anti-Israel wolf in sheep’s clothing with ties to the Muslim Brotherhoodremember this guy? Well, he was also “fired”/stepped down but “not really”. Anyway, Debbie Schlussel has the 411 on the story of Robert Malley, which I think is worth reading. I believe that many “oh-oh’s” are gonna come to light after Obama is sworn in. America, you messed up big time.

Remember Robert Malley, the pro-HAMAS, rabidly anti-Israel foreign policy advisor whom Barack Obama claimed he fired from his campaign when Malley’s extremist point of view came to light?

Well, not only was that a lie–Malley was NOT fired–but Malley has been making entreaties to HAMAS on behalf of Obama for months. I’m sure all the dummies–Jewish and otherwise–who voted for this man for President won’t care about this latest news, since they weren’t bothered by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn.

“Stealth Jihad”, by Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer, of the blog Jihad Watch, and author of many great books on Islam, Muslim culture, and jihad, has a new book out titled “Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America without Guns or Bombs”. Spencer is a terrific writer and has been engaged in the topic of Islam for more than 20 years. He is also a frequent lecturer and guest speaker all over America. You can learn more about him at Jihad Watch, as well as take a look at some of the other informative resources there.

You can read a review of the book here. It was chosen as Main Selection by the online group Conservative Book Club. You can order a copy from Amazon here. I have read a few of Spencer’s books already and I can recommend him to you without hesitation.

He explains the all- encompassing, even totalitarian, nature of the Islamic law that the stealth jihadists are laboring to impose upon us, and shows the many ways in which this effort is advancing:

  • by taking advantage of political correctness among government and law enforcement officials to keep them from even speaking about Islamic jihad, much less taking steps to resist it
  • by demanding (ever more shrilly) accommodating of Muslim practices in public places, universities, schools, workplaces, and even banking and finance
  • by smearing and silencing anti-jihad and anti-terror voices in America and worldwide
  • by using “hate speech” laws to try to stifle all analysis of the elements of Islam that jihadists use to justify violence
  • by transforming public school textbooks into tracts that proselytize for Islam
  • and even by infiltrating the highest levels of the American government

Farrakhan Calls Obama “the hope of the entire world”




I’ve started guest-blogging at Creeping Sharia, as I mentioned in the post below. I will be re-posting my entries from Creeping Sharia to here, to bring some fresh material to my own blog. I figure I can kill two birds with one stone. If you are reading this and want to leave a comment, kindly leave a comment at this entry on Creeping Sharia instead. THANKS!




What a scheister and a fraud Louis Farrakhan is. And his brand of Islam is so out of left field that real Muslims “denounce it as heretical”. Once again, a Muslim who is a racist, anti-Semite and a rabid hater of America is speaking out in public support of Barack Obama. Now, you really have to wonder what America has gotten herself into when radicals, leftist-socialists, racists, Islamofascists, and terrorists are supporting our new President.

Farrakhan has haltingly tried to move the Nation toward traditional Islam, which considers the American movement heretical.

He has also downplayed some of the group’s more controversial beliefs. The Nation of Islam has taught that whites are descended from the devil and that blacks are the chosen people of Allah.

One thing is for sure, NOI are making huge numbers of converts among Blacks in America. Obama has had at least a casual relationship with the notorious NOI for quite some time but tried to downplay this during his campaign, going so far as to denounce Farrakhan (which didn’t seem to shake ol’ Lou one bit). Despite his protestations, what is in evidence is that Obama’s former pastor of 20-some years,  Jeremiah (”God Damn America!”) Wright, was buddies with Farrahkan and the NOI for a long while, and were partners together in the Million Man March of 1995. It was reported that during Wright-gate earlier this year, Wright was using NOI members for his security detail. You can read more about the relationship between Obama, Wright and NOI here.

This should concern us all. Sharia doesn’t have to creep into America from the Middle East. It can creep into even the White House, where haters of America and all that we stand for have the ear of our President, whom we already know is sympathetic to Islam in America. After all, Muslims in America overwhelmingly backed his election. Don’t think they won’t expect Obama to return the favor.

I’ll be Guest-Blogging at Creeping Sharia!

Hey everyone. Don’t know if anyone is even looking at this blog anymore since I disappeared. Um, I have good news, though. The owner of the great blog, Creeping Sharia, which I have quoted from often here, has accepted my offer to help upkeep his blog while he recovers from a medical emergency. So I will be posting over there until he gets himself back in the saddle. Please look for that coming real soon and please also consider leaving a comment or two over there, to show support for the blog. Creeping Sharia focuses on Islam in America and seeks to inform all Americans of the growing threat of Islamofascism in our nation.

Hmm, other than that, some other good news has happened in my absence. I got an awesome new job–I had been looking for about six months (which, since I’m talking about it now, is a major reason I let this blog go quiet, because I had my mind on some serious personal things that I needed to sort out)–and I’m really excited about it. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and frankly, I never thought I’d get the chance. I feel blessed.

What else? Ahhhhhh, yes. We got a new President. Well, I’m not happy with the choice that an overwhelming number of Americans made. On one hand, I fear for the direction Americans are willing to watch our country take and wonder if tha majority of Americans who put Obama into power really ever had a full understanding of what this man was all about. I am convinced that we are facing the rise of Socialism in America which will take full effect under the Obama administration. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s been in the works already, as evidenced by the appalling 700 billion dollar mortgage loan bailout which was backed by, and shoved down our throats, by our supposedly conservative Republican President, George Bush. But Barack Obama will take the cake. I don’t want to sound fatalistic but I sincerely believe America doesn’t know what it got itself into with this guy. That said, I’ll do the one thing that I know to be good and right, which is to keep soon-to-be President Obama closely in my prayers.

The Foxhole has a great entry on Obamanation. Read it here.

No self-respecting democratic Republic will give legitimacy to a socialist president, but then no self-respecting democratic Republic would permit someone like Obama to be a Senator, let alone presidential candidate.

The bulk of the ‘first time voters’ were bribed skid row drunks, college-aged kids who cast their ballot for an MTV icon, and blacks who voted for Obama because of his ethnicity. Then there are the requisite liberals–black, white, and hispanic–who will vote for a democrat, regardless.

Everyone, please keep your eye out for my posts starting sometime in the next few days or so over at Creeping Sharia and show your support.

The Preservation of Our Clans

In case folks are stopping by…

I have not abandoned this blog even though I haven’t posted in ages. Gosh, there is SO MUCH to post. I have been reading a lot and keeping abreast of things and having good, fruitful conversations with people on the topic. Basically what it boils down to is that the Muslims are still acting like stark, raving maniacs, and their jihad–both stealth and bloody–continues unabated and unchecked. However, I’m just not in a place to devote time to posting. I’m kind of in a transition period with work/life and also I’m doing lots of research on other things for a project I have to do and at the end of the day I just don’t feel like looking at the computer screen anymore. I also have taken a hiatus from some blogs and forums that I regularly post/comment at. I will be back in the saddle shortly.

Anyway, I shall be posting soon. In the meantime I leave you with these salient thoughts from the great master, Confucius. Take it to heart, ya’ll.

The superior man, when resting in safety, does not forget that danger may come. When in a state of security he does not forget the possibility of ruin. When all is orderly, he does not forget that disorder may come. Thus his person is not endangered, and his States and all their clans are preserved.

* haven’t posted any cutie photos lately, either. so here’s one of korea’s greatest and most beloved actors, jang dong-gun. i want that shirt.

Christians: Dhimmis vs. Freedom Fighters

Two different articles posted at Jihad Watch, both detailing the reponses of Christians to Islamic bullying and oppression. Very, very interesting. Take a look:

First, the Dhimmi version

ROME) – Italy’s top prelate Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco has denounced a Euro MP in the anti-immigration Northern League for his anti-Islamic views, press reports said Saturday.


The Bishop of Genoa and president of the Italian episcopal conference voiced his “total disapproval” of Euro MP Mario Borghezio’s vow to “defend Christianity against profanation by Islam” made in a church in the northern port on Friday.

The Euro deputy made his call at a rally of League members to protest against a city council plans to hold interfaith prayers in the church, a former hospital of the Knights of Malta in the 13th century.

Accompanied by dozens of people waving the League’s flag, Borghezio gained entry to the building by waving his Euro deputy’s card. He then swore to “continue the fight of the Knights of the Order of Malta to defend Christianity.”

Cardinal Bagnasco condemned Borghezio for making his statement in a church, which he said was “solely a place for prayer and worship,” the Corriere della Sera said.

The Northern League scored an unexpected success in general elections in April, taking eight percent of the votes and securing four ministerial posts in the right-wing government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Second, the Freedom Fighter version

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – More than 3,500 Christians have protested in Jayapura, the capital of Indonesian Papua, against the introduction of sharia, Islamic law, in the region.The demonstration of a few days ago was organized by the Indonesian Christian Communication Forum, and took place to the cry of “Papua Pancasila, yes. Papua Syariat Islam, no!”. Pancasila, literally “the five basic pillars”, is the official ideology of the state founded on modern democratic principles like freedom of expression and of religion. Recently in Jakarta there has been talk of introducing sharia in Indonesia. The Christians of the province object that Papua enjoys special legal autonomy, which would prevent the introduction of such law without local approval.

The demonstrators went to the offices of the provincial government, where Tedjo Suprato (who is standing in for the governor Barnabas Suebu, a Catholic, in Mexico on official business) reassured them that Islamic law will not be adopted in Papua….

Which Christian–or person of good will–are you? A Dhimmi or a Freedom Fighter?

How Sweet It Is

For a change, a wonderful tale of a journey from darkness (which is what Islam is, in every way imaginable) to light. This article is mind-blowing. Rarely do we hear any ex-Muslims speak out as strongly, and with no buttered words like Masab is doing here.

 [H/T to Cappie from PM]

Top Hamas leader’s son converts to Christianity
by Ethan Cole, Christian Post
Posted: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 9:22 (BST)

The son of a top Hamas leader has converted to Christianity and prays some day his family will also accept Jesus Christ as their saviour, according to an Israeli newspaper.

Masab Yousef, son of West Bank Hamas leader Sheik Hassan Yousef, revealed for the first time in an exclusive interview with Haaretz newspaper that he has left Islam and is now a Christian. Prior to the interview’s publication last Thursday, Yousef’s family did not know of his faith conversion even though he is in regular contact with them.

“[T]his interview will open many people’s eyes, it will shake Islam from the roots, and I’m not exaggerating,” said Yousef, who now resides in the United States. “What other case do you know where a son of a Hamas leader, who was raised on the tenets of extremist Islam, comes out against it?”

Yousef, who is now 30-years-old, was first exposed to Christianity eight years ago while in Jerusalem, where out of curiosity he accepted an invitation to hear about Christianity. Afterwards, he became “enthusiastic” about what he heard and would secretly read the Bible every day.

A verse like ‘Love thine enemy’ had a great influence on me,” Yousef recalled. “At this stage I was still a Muslim and I thought that I would remain one. But every day I saw the terrible things done in the name of religion by those who considered themselves ‘great believers’.

“I studied Islam more thoroughly and found no answers there. I re-examined the Koran and the principals of the faith and found how it is mistaken and misleading.”

But with Christianity, Yousef said he could understand God as revealed through Jesus Christ. He said he could talk about God and Jesus for days, but Muslims are not able to say anything about God.

“I consider Islam a big lie,” said Yousef. “The people who supposedly represent the religion admired Mohammed more than God, killed innocent people in the name of Islam, beat their wives and don’t have any idea what God is.

“I have no doubt that they’ll go to hell. I have a message for them: There is only one way to paradise – the way of Jesus who sacrificed himself on the cross for all of us.”

Four years ago, Yousef decided to convert to Christianity but did not let his family know. He still helped his father with his political activities, and his father only knew his son had Christian friends.

“I felt responsible. It was better for me to be there rather than a gang of fools who would poison his mind,” Yousef explained. “I tried to understand those people, their thoughts, in order to change them from inside by means of a strong person like my father, who admitted to me in the past that he does not support suicide attacks.”

Yousef described his father as a moderate Hamas leader.

But even before his encounter with Christianity, Yousef had already become disenchanted with Hamas and Islam after being imprisoned at the age of 18 years old for heading a youth Islamic movement at his high school.

He described the Hamas leaders he met in prison as people with “no morals” and “no integrity”, although they hide their corruption better than Fatah party members.

“Nobody knows them and how they operate as well as I do,” Yousef said, recalling how the family of Hamas members killed by Israel were forced to beg for financial assistance while the leadership “abandoned” them and “wasted” tens of thousands of dollars a month only on security for themselves.

“Then (in prison) I understood that not everyone in Hamas is like my father. He’s a nice, friendly man. But I discovered how evil his colleagues are,” Yousef said. “After my release I lost the faith I had in those who ostensibly represented Islam.”

Hamas is considered a terrorist group by the United States, Israel, and many Western countries. The group has publicly vowed to destroy Israel.

Now Yousef, the eldest son of Sheikh Yousef, says he “admires” Israel.

You Jews should be aware: You will never, but never have peace with Hamas,” Yousef stated. “Islam, as the ideology that guides them, will not allow them to achieve a peace agreement with the Jews. They believe that tradition says that the Prophet Mohammed fought against the Jews and that therefore they must continue to fight them to the death.”

He denounced the “entire” Palestinian society as one that “sanctifies death and the suicide terrorist.Yousef highlighted that Hamas was the first to use suicide bombers as weapons against civilians.

“In Palestinian culture a suicide terrorist becomes a hero, a martyr. Sheiks tell their students about the ‘heroism of the shaheeds (martyr)’.”


“They (Hamas) are blind and ignorant. It’s true, there are good and bad people everywhere, but Hamas supporters don’t understand that they are led by a wicked and cruel group that brainwashes the children and gets them to believe that if they carry out a suicide attack they’ll get to paradise,” he said.

The Muslim-turned-Christian says he does not think Islam will survive for more than 25 years because the truth about Islam will be exposed given the mass communication available in the modern age.

Article from Christian Today:….anity/21157.htm

I pray that he is right about Islam not lasting as the truth comes out. In the mean time we still have a big fight of culture and ideology ahead of us. Islam won’t go quietly into the night in any case. And Masab may need a new passport and identity after this.

Tysons Gets the Crap Spanked Out of Them

Dear Mohammedan Employees of Tysons,

Nanny-nanny boo-boo.

Now, you will need to use your *personal day* benefits for your special little Muslim outings. Just like the Catholics and the Jews do it for theirs. And have been for YEARS. All over the country. Without bitching and moaning and screaming about their “rights”.


I’m very happy with the outcome. I think Muslims as well as people of all religions should have a way to take off of work for their holy days. But, not at the expense of a precious and teasured American holiday. And not at the expense of fairness to other employees. Using a personal paid holiday is an excellent solution for all. As I have said before, if it’s fair and it will make the employees happy, then companies should make these gracious gestures. Because happy employees make a strong workforce. And this is a good thing.

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