WWRPD? (What Would Rosa Parks Do?)

Muslim bus driver in the UK forces passengers off so he can pray. What a great news item for the first post of my new anti-jihad blog. You can’t make stuff like this up! But you can always count on the Muslims to keep it real…real redonkulous!

One word of observation about this: You have to know that the only reason this buffoon had the stones to pull this stunt was because Muslims in the UK are used to doing shit like this. They really are! They’ve been throwing their weight around the UK for a while now and no one is challenging them. They will only continue to Islamify England as they remain un-challenged. We’ve seen this all before from Muslims in Europe–though it was a few hundred years ago and we forget history, don’t we? That’s why we’re doomed to repeat it. What this guy needs is for a great big happy German shepard to go running up and lick him all over his face and beard! Dog-saliva…the Muslims hate that! Dog spit is totally not halal!

Now, on to the story…


A MUSLIM bus driver told stunned passengers to get off so he could PRAY.

The white Islamic convert rolled out his prayer mat in the aisle and knelt on the floor facing Mecca.
Passengers watched in amazement as he held out his palms towards the sky, bowed his head and began to chant. One, who filmed the man on his mobile phone, said: “He was clearly praying and chanting in Arabic.

“We thought it was a wind-up at first, like Jeremy Beadle.”

The 21-year-old plumber added: “He looked English and had a London accent. He looked like a Muslim convert, with a big, bushy beard.




Read the rest of this delightful shizzle here. Click that link and you can see photos and a video. I wish this would have happened on the bus with Miss Rosa Parks. She would have smacked him with her purse and kicked him the nuts! Then she would have called the Civils Rights people and they would have called a march on Washington! Boy, we really miss you Miss Rosa! 

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