Word Byte: Jihad is Now

From “sheik yer’mami” at Jihad Watch:

Its not an ancient dream to conquer the West.

Constantinople fell 500 years ago. Only 300 years ago we beat them back before the gates of Vienna. 200 years ago Thomas Jefferson fought the Barbary Pirates. In the last 100 years Islam spread continually throughout Africa and Asia. The Armenian Christians and the Greeks of Turkey were all but wiped out. Cyprus was overrun only 30 years ago and the West is not united in demanding the Turks to return it. The global jihad continues in 30 + theaters of war around the world.

And we still allow them to infiltrate our countries, to spy on us, to subvert our laws and abuse democratic institutions to further their cause: all of that is jihad.

The jihad is permanent and relentless…


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