Getting Back in the Saddle

Man, I have not blogged in several days. To tell the truth, I have a lot on my mind. I’ve got work stuff going on and that’s taken a bad turn, plus I’m going out of the country in 6 weeks for vacation and I’m freaked that I’m in over my head budget-wise planning for it. But also I have a head full of ideas about blogging and I’m finding it’s harder to get into action than it is to get into thought. That has me stressed, too. Because when I started this Project I really wanted to give my heart and soul to it, because I believe so much in it.

I will endeavor to be more dilligent and disciplined about my tasks. And anyone reading this, I’d be awfully grateful to you if you would say a prayer for me regarding my work situation. It really needs some help and real soon.

I have just about 30 minutes to blog tonight because my favorite show, Lost, is coming back on with a brand new episode. I don’t know what’s going to happen because this time I haven’t seen any previews but whatever it is, it’s sure to confuse me. That show makes me happy and crazy all at once!

Now, let me get some blogging time in for next half hour or so…


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