“Bizarre is Synonymous to Islam”

From fellow freedom fightin’ blogger, Sons of Apes and Pigs, comes one of the best posts I’ve ever read on Islam.

Critics want “bizarre ritual” to be banned

If they stop all the bizarre rituals, there won’t be much left. Bizarre is synonymous to islam, and what is islam, but a bizarre religion?

From worshipping a caravan robber, pedophile and a mass murderer, and calling him the most honorable of all prophets. Then interceding with their allah, 17 times a day, to curse and pour his wrath on all non muslims, they call this praying. Then they go to turn around a cubic (kaaba) shaped pile of stones, in Mecca, that they call the house of allah, and kiss a black stone with a very bizarre shape, that they call allah’s right hand.

Then they go to a mountain for a delish ceremonial, so everyone can take seven free shots at the devil with pebbles, and the devil is still there year after year and healthier than ever. Not to mention that all men and women, have to be almost nude, squeezing, rubbing, and entering into each others to perform these rituals. Worth mentioning, as I was told by ex-muslims, that many men and women go there mainly for the rubbing, if not for outright prostitution.

With all this paganistic circus, they dare to call whoever that doesn’t make a fool of himself by imitating them, a pagan, kafir, and unbeliever. There are many other things that I won’t mention now, but I have a very simple Question to muslims: Wouldn’t it be easier to tell us what isn’t bizarre in your cult?

Having said this, it would be really interesting if they do the babies throwing without the stretched canvas sheet and let allah do the catching according to his will. Amen.


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