I Call Shenanigans on You

This is why I have the moderation function set on my comments field: because I don’t want nasty, Jew-hating, pro-Muslim comments left anywhere near my blog. It’s like when someone comes inside your house with dog shit on their shoes.

Someone at this website and this email atworld0@gmail.com left a rude, anti-Semitic comment (which I have deleted) on my post about Israel’s 60th anniversary.

This vile little rat, who posts rants at his site calling Jews terrorists, and who has Al Jazeera in his blogroll, was apparently so inspired by my post of celebratory lauds for Israel that he posted this on his blog:

I’m sure many are baffled by the ignorance, hatred and aggressiveness of many – here, on WordPress and elsewhere! We know that History repeats itself and it seems we say this as justification for our hatred and racism and ignorance.

Likewise there are those who maybe Christian-Zionists. I don’t know how they can justify the killing of innocent men, women and children as “God’s Will” and or that it is “so decreed.”

And I’m not a Christian Zionist. Dude, you’re a follower of a pedophile, rapist, and mass murderer. You shouldn’t be so smug.

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