Shalom Upon Israel Forever

Ugh, I’m dumb.

Yesterday, the 9th, was the 60th(/4000th) anniversary of Israel’s official Statehood (thus, birthday in the eyes of the world). For some reason I thought it was 19th and so I was waiting for the 19th to post my celebratory lauds to Zion and Her Children. So I’m late. This also means I missed going to a Jewish meal on the anniversay which I had planned to do next week. I know I can do it any time, but I had really wanted to do it ON the anniversay. And I don’t have all of my celebratory lauds prepared. So I’ll do my best.

Although I am not Jewish, I am proudly pro-Jewish.

Although I am not Israeli, I am proudly pro-Israel.

I am unabashedly totally in love with Israel and Jewish culture and history. So there. Suck on that, Children of Mohammed (Peanuts Be Upon Him).

I am grateful and blessed to be a Catholic which, to me and millions of other Christians according to our theology, means being welcomed into the Covenant of the Chosen People. Whereas the Jewish people are the natural heirs, we are the adopted heirs. The Covenant between God and man was created with the Jewish people but we Christians, heirs to the promises of Jesus the Messiah and the salvation he has won for us, are able to partake in this glorious relationship along with the Children of Israel and the blessings contained therein. For this we should ever be mindful of their patriarchy over us as elder family members in the Faith. We owe everything to them and we should stand by them and never leave them. Ever. No matter what.

Plus, Jews are pretty damn cool.

And so Israel is celebrating her 60th/4000th anniversary of official Statehood. Which is a pretty funny when you consider the Jews have occupied that land–the land given to them by God in perpetuity–for upwards of nearly 4,000 years. Israel and the Jewish people are one of the most ancient civilizations known to man, insofar as a people that has never ceased to exist, with unbroken traditions and a continuing legacy. Many other civilizations existed before Israel but many have long ago gone the way of the dinosaur, and many of those that remain are in constant chaos and confusion both culturally and politically. But Israel remains. And through her rich customs and culture she has enlightened the whole of human existence.

The contribution of Jews for thousands of years (especially in modern times–that’s incredible in and of itself) from all over the world is a force not seen among any other peoples. Even the great kingdoms and dynasties of the Orient have never had the influence upon the world of science, thought, literature, culture, education, morals and spirituality, mathematics, music, politics, defense and various aspects of the arts…as the Jews have. They are truly a people touched by Grace, and we Christians should count ourselves as blessed to have a connection with them.

And–this is just as important–they need us just as much as we need them. As they have suffered during so many dark ages of history, they should always be able to count on Christians to care for them, defend them, and if nothing else–sympathize with them and always be willing to speak out on their behalf. Anything less is simply a travesty and not in keeping with God’s will. Just as the Jews have had a profound impact on human history in ways that no other nation has, so too have they suffered in ways that no other peoples and nation has. It would seem at times that the Children of Israel have received nearly enough curses to match their blessings. This is a mystery which only God knows and understands. Also, only God can see the fruition of this mystery.

Peace be upon you, Israel, and your descendents forever. Amen.

And now, a collection of other blog posts on Israel in honor of her 60th/4000th. Not all these links are directly related to the 60th anniversary–just some good pro-Israel stuff. These guys are all pro-Israel and they ain’t all Jewish or Israeli either. Please take a moment and read some of them!

We’re All Jews Now! from All Things Beautiful.

Happy 60th Birthday Israel! from Debbie Schlussel.

Get your birthday T’s here at Israel Turns That site also has great flash animation photos of various celebrities who are pro-Israel…check it out!

Christians Standing With Israel seems like a really wonderful site. I admit I’ve never read it from top to bottom, but I have skimmed it and never seen anything untoward. I believe these are protestant Christians.

And here is Catholics for Israel. I lurve this site. Check it out! 

And last but not least, both Yid With Lid and IsraPundit both are awesome blogs. IsraPundit has some great celebratory lauds posts…just click their link and then scroll down the posts beginning on the 8th or 9th. Be sure to read this one. It’s a very short essay from a 93 year old Israeli who remembers the day Israel received her Statehood.

ADDING: Dr. Spencer over at Jihad Watch posted a Birthday tribute.

Another great addition from Gates of Vienna.

I would love to post more stuff because there is so much out there. Maybe I will just make this whole week a week of celebratory lauds and post more stuff. I have to stop now because I need to get to the bank before it closes at Noon. I leave you with the lyrics to one of my favorite songs of all time, the beautiful and righteous “Yerushalayim shel Zahav” (Jerusalem of Gold). If you have iTunes I HIGHLY and STRONGLY recommend the versions by Ofra Haza and Hezy Levy. Soooooooooo beautiful.  This song is considered Israel’s “unofficial second national anthem”. Here are the lyrics:

As clear as wine, the wind is flying
Among the dreamy pines
As evening light is slowly dying
And a lonely bell still chimes,
So many songs, so many stories
The stony hills recall ...
Around her heart my city carries
A lonely ancient wall.
Yerushalaim all of gold
Yerushalaim, bronze and light
Within my heart I shall treasure
Your song and sight.
Alas, the dry wells and fountains,
Forgotten market-day
The sound of horn from Temple's mountain
No longer calls to pray,
The rocky caves at night are haunted
By sounds of long ago
When we were going to the Jordan
By way of Jericho.
Yerushalaim all of gold
Yerushalaim, bronze and light
Within my heart I shall treasure
Your song and sight.
But when I come to count your praises
And sing Hallel to you
With pretty rhymes I dare not crown you
As other poets do,
Upon my lips is always burning
Your name, so dear, so old:
If I forget Yerushalaim
Of bronze and light and gold ...
Yerushalaim all of gold
Yerushalaim, bronze and light
Within my heart I shall treasure
Your song and sight.
Back to the wells and to the fountains
Within the ancient walls
The sound of horn from Temple's mountain
Again so loudly calls,
From rocky caves, this very morning
A thousand suns will glow
And we shall go down to the Jordan
By way of Jericho.
Yerushalaim all of gold
Yerushalaim, bronze and light
Within my heart I shall treasure
Your song and sight.
  -- by Naomi Shemer

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