The Nature of the (Muslim) Beast

On a forum that I am a member of which I mentioned before, the topic came up about the chaos taking place in Lebanon, as the country inches towards civil war. My own contribution to the topic was “Islam…the hits just keep on comin’…” and it’s true. Wherever there are Muslims, there’s chaos. At this point, it’s like rain following upon clouds.

Another member posted this: “As I was watching the news about this last night, I had to (again) wonder what it is about Islam that Muslims can’t work or play well with anybody, including other Muslims.”

Well, that answer should be obvious (I really don’t get how anyone can “wonder” about this–it’s so obvious!). I replied with the following (I am predicting that yet again someone will reply that I’m too harsh and that “not all Muslims are like that”. Whatever).

It’s the nature of the Beast.

They are inculcated with hate, chaos and violence from they time they are born–earlier than that, even. It’s in their theology, in their Koran, in their Hadith, and in the example of the life of Mohammed himself. It’s in their culture, in their schools, in their child-rearing, in their social groups, in their marriages. They solve conflict with violence and chaos.

Whether this war or that war is “politically motivated and not religious in nature” is really here nor there. They CANNOT be compared to past civil wars like between the Irish Protestants and Catholics. Islam is a violent religion and since Islamic culture inculcates adherents in this violence, no one should wonder why they can’t get along with anyone–including their own kind.


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