Dan Kurtzer, I Call Shander On You

In an earlier post about George W. Bush’s failing grade with Israel, I briefly mentioned Daniel Kurtzer who was formerly one of Bush’s closest advisors on Israel and now advisor to Barack Obama. I made the comment that Dan Kurtzer is wasting his time on Obama, who–the facts already show–unabashedly surrounds himself both personally and professionally with notorious anti-Semites, Islamofascists, and terrorist-panderers. I can’t imagine in what capacity a Jew would be advising a man whose friends are unapologetic Jew-haters. But now I know. Freedom Fightin’ blogger, Yid With Lid has the goods on Dan Kurtzer, who is advising Obama to support splitting Jerusalem between the Jews and the Muslims if/when Obama becomes President.

JPPPI head and Winograd war panel member Yechezkel Dror said that Jerusalem must become the cultural center of the Jewish people.

Kurtzer said in response that “before we do that, we must first accept a number of facts and the political reality of Arabs who live in East Jerusalem who do not feel part of the city.”

Oh, want some whine with that cheese? So what??? Who cares what the Arabs in East Jerusalem think? IT’S NOT THEIR CITY. Period.

I just don’t understand this!! I especially don’t understand it coming from a Jew, but I don’t really understand it at all coming from anyone. Why should Israel divide Jerusalem? THE JEWS WERE THERE FIRST!! Before Mohammed (peanuts be upon him) went up on that mountain and pulled Islam and the Koran out of his ass, the Jews were already occupying Israel–with Jerusalem as their holiest city–for 3,000 years!! And, the Christians were also there before the Muslims. So why, why, why are people telling Israel to share Jerusalem with the Islamists????

I believe Obama would do it, too.

Islam didn’t even come from Israel. Judaism and Christianity did. Islam came from Saudi Arabia and Mecca is their holiest site. What were Muslims even ever doing in Israel, the land of the Jews, in the first place more than 1,000 years ago? Why did they build their rock there and their mosque, in a land occupied by Jews for 3,000 years and by Christians for 1,000 years? What ever gave the Muslims the right to claim any part of Israel for their own, either then or now? They have no rights to it and never have.


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