The Shander of the American Jews

“Shander” is a Yiddish expression meaning “de-based honor” or “a scandal to non-Jews”, in other words a shander is when a Jew does something that would embarass or shame himself before gentiles. And I compeletely agree with the statement below. I think Obama is going to prove to be big trouble for Israel and the interests of Jews all over the world, including the USA. I think, sadly, the 60% of American Jews who fell for the “change we can believe in” crap (or what I refer to as “change we can believe in but which can’t be explained”) and are supporting him are going to wake up to a bad dream over the next four years. And I do believe Obama will be the next U.S. President.

It’s not just the 60% of Jews supporting Obama. Shame on all of us for enduring this racist, elitist, unqualified, inexperienced, schmoozer of terrorists and anti-Semites, manipulating race-baiter. Him, with his wife who was “never proud of America in [her] whole adult life”. Obama will never do anything for the Jews, no matter how much he claims he will defend Israel. Sure, he might stand by Israel’s right to exist (as recognized by the United Nations) but that doesn’t mean he has any personal love or respect for the nation, its people and its history. Americans have become so stupid, so complacent, so intellectually lazy, so spiritually vapid that we fall for anything politicians tell us…almost without questioning or challenging them. This is especially most true where it concerns liberal politicians (and John McCain falls into that category, too, because we all know he’s not a conservative). This is why Obama is getting away with claiming to be a supporter of Israel but yet surrounds himself with Jew-haters and terror-mongerers without embarassment, explanation or shame. It’s disconcerting and unsettling: If Obama can fool 60% of American Jewry, why would non-Jewish Americans feel any concern at all?

She makes it very plain what she expects when it comes to Obama’s candidacy and American Jews. They shouldn’t vote for him because he is “backed by anti-Semites” and willing to talk with them, Ahmadinejad, for starters.She considers it a ’shander’ that 60% of American Jews polled would vote for Obama. Ironically if he did get elected this fall, the best thing that would happen according to Glick would be that Israel could no longer take ‘orders’ from our State Department.

A question was posed about what American Jews should do given this background. She said that American Jews have to educate their youth about their Jewish identity and connection to Israel. She noted the work by my friend Charles Jacobs of the David project in training youths for Israel advocacy at both the College and high school level. Glick noted an alliance between the David Project and CAMERA, the middle east media monitoring group in examining public school world history texts, treatment about Israel. This is a matter that recently re-surfaced by the American Textbook Council in the Second Sewall Commission report on the presentation of Islam in such texts. She noted that American Jews, especially philanthropists who consider withdrawing funds from universities with anti-semitic faculty should realize that anti-Semites will always attack Jews. After all they are anti-Semites. We must in her view stay on the offense against such attacks, wherever they occur. — Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post

(The whole interview with Caroline Glick is here)


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