Talkin’ Muslim Women Blues

For those of us who take the effort to keep abreast of events going on in the world, we are not surprised to hear that among all the nations of the world, Muslim-dominated countries score highest on the list for oppression against women. Not just a little high…perched right on the very top. But you won’t hear a word of protest from Gloria Steinem or Hillary Clinton or all the Hollywood loons who claim to support womens’ rights and working towards the advancement of equality for women and children. No, there is an appalling silence when it comes to speaking out against Islam’s disgusting–and often, inhuman–treatment of women and young girls. What is the West afraid of? Why can’t we speak the TRUTH about Islam?? What happened to TRUTH TO POWER and all that? Oprah won’t touch it. The ladies of the late-morning show The View won’t touch it. Diane Sawyer won’t touch it on Good Morning America. The Christians won’t touch it. I’ve never heard that the prominent Catholic network EWTN has touched it. Even on the rare occasions when a news show does an expose on female genital mutilation (aka, female circumcision, performed on girls ages 4-7 in many Muslim countries) they will talk about it as if it’s an “ancient African custom” and never mention that Muslims use this torture to keep girls “pure”. But there is so much more to the abuse women suffer in Islamic countries.

People, let’s get educated and speak out every chance we can. I do it. My own friends try to change the subject. One of my closest friends even accused me of being “militant” (talking about Islam and *I* get accused of being militant…now there’s a pathetic irony). Others condescend to me and warn me about being “too harsh”. On Catholic forums where I post regularly, I’m accused of being “intolerant” and “unChristian”. But none of these reactions stop me. Who cares if people look at you like you’re crazy or call you a militant? Plant the seed anyway. If people hear it enough times from enough people the seed will grow. We need to help enlighten people to the threat of Islam. There is a gentle, non-invasive way to do this. Each of us needs to find the way that works best for us. There is no one formula that works for everyone. Whatever your way is, get started.

Freedom fightin’ blogger Freedom Gate as the word on Islamic oppression of women. Please read it all here.

Is it just a coincidence that people belongs to Muslim countries, do not treat women right or we can find the tree that produce such a bitter fruit. According to the Global Gender Gap (GGG) report, the planet’s ten-worst offenders are: Yemen, Chad, Pakistan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Benin, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Oman. Of the ten, nine are Muslim-majority states. At the other end of the spectrum, the planet’s best countries for women to live in are: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, Germany, Denmark, Ireland and Spain. Not even one of the top-ten is a Muslim-majority state.

GGG collected data from a total of 128 countries to develop a comprehensive, scientific index. The GGG Index is based on four different sub-indices — namely, economic participation, educational attainment, political empowerment and health — while each of the sub-indices has half a dozen components.

Under economic participation, five of the worst-offenders are: Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Oman and Bahrain. Under educational attainment, the worst-offenders are: Chad, Yemen, Benin and Pakistan. The best: Denmark, United Kingdom, Australia, France and Belgium. Under political empowerment the worst are: Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt and Iran. The best: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Spain.


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