“Your Feet Are Still At The End Of Your Legs, You Know”

UPDATE: Robert Spencer has more on this. “Omar is not a kid that was just snatched up off the street somewhere and has been wrongly charged and judged unfairly. I think he is precisely where he needs to be. He’s earned that stay.”…”

I’m talking about the 16 year old Canadian boy who was interrogated at Guantanemo Bay and charged with the murder of a U.S. medic. Damn little lyin’ killer boy. He could murder a U.S. medic in cold blood, doin’ allah’s will, but when interrogated he breaks down like a baby and cries for his mother. Sure, he was a child soldier and yes he should be rehabilitated. But he should be made to answer some damn questions first. Crying for his mother does not show remorse for his actions nor does it show cooperation with the authorities. He killed a man and he’s pointing to bruises on his own body. Hmm. Let’s see. Bruises. Death. Bruises. Death. Yeah, I’d say if I were him I would shut up about the bruises. Doesn’t this boy want to change his life? Doesn’t he want to be free of this murderous, inhumane ideology that was forced on him? This is his chance to do something, in some way, to start a new path. Just answer the damn questions instead of playing victim. YOU KILLED A MAN. And would have killed more if given the chance. Because that’s the only life you have when Islam calls you to jihad.

You gotta read this shiz. The kid is sitting there with two good eyes and two good feet, claiming he “lost everything” after he has killed a man. Um, okay.

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Omar Khadr, the only western prisoner still held in the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, broke down and wept when questioned by Canadian interrogators, video footage released on Tuesday shows.

Khadr, a Canadian, was arrested in Afghanistan in 2002 at the age of 15 and is charged with killing a U.S. medic. The secret video was taken in February 2003 and shows Khadr — then 16 — being grilled by officials from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service spy agency.

At one point, when his interrogators are out of the room, Khadr moans repeatedly in a desperate voice as he holds his head in his hands.

The phrase sounded very much like the English words “Kill me,” but a native Arabic speaker from the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations told Reuters that he believed Khadr was in fact saying “Ya ummi,” the Arabic for “my mother.”

The video shows Khadr at a plain wooden table in an apparently windowless cell, and also sitting on a sofa. He wears an orange prison jumpsuit, and at times buries his head in his hands, or pulls at his hair.

“I lost my eyes, I lost my feet, everything,” he says. “No, you still have your eyes and your feet are still at the end of your legs, you know,” responds one Canadian official.

Full article is here.

* and because gutless little child soldiers who kill innocent human beings yet feel no remorse is depressing, there’s some more adorable Jun Ki Lee at the top.

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