Rage Against America

It almost seems like if you’re Muslim, you have to hate America. It’s like part of a package deal or something. I mean, how can it not be so given that Islam teaches that the Koran and Sharia are above all governments and constitutions, And that Islam must dominate the whole earth from the top of every mountain to the bottom of every valley, and given that Americans are all so hedonistic and all (big eye-roll here, in honor of the bullshit excuse I’m sick of hearing, that Muslims react the way they do because American immorality offends their delicate sensitivies). Now, I’m sure this ISN’T the case for every single Muslim living in the U.S. but I’ve never seen any blogs, websites, newspaper columns, talk show pieces, books, or marching in the streets from ANY faithful, Koran-believing Muslims in America. Have you? Let me get to my point…

I was catching up on the posts of one of my favorite anti-Jihad blogs, Creeping Sharia, which I haven’t had a chance to look at in a couple weeks. And what do I find? NUMEROUS postings about Islamic rage against America. The fact is, a vast majority of Muslims in America hate this country, and since there are vast numbers of liberals and communists in America that hate this country, too, they make excellent bed-fellows with the Muslims. There are a few Muslims who love this country, I’m absolutely sure, because they are smart enough to know that this country allows them the freedom to practice the very religion they love but without all the oppression and tyranny that goes along with in Islamic-dominant countries. Then there is the so-called “silent majority”…well, we just don’t know what they feel about America, do we? Because they are just so damned…silent.

So next time someone tells you that the Muslims in America love it here, are peacefully co-existing with non-Muslims, and are moderate lovers of freedom…show them this post and tell them to eat it.

Muslim Honor Killings In America (Video) (Papa Don’t Preach, it’s more than just a Madonna song!)

Muslim Day at Six Flags (Too good to ride roller coasters with the filthy kuffir)

Subway Ad Campaign Imam a Dirty Jihadist, Says America Should Become Muslim (Not on my life, buddy. And you can have my neck. You ain’t takin’ my religion.)

CAIR (Council for Islamic Bullshit in America) knew Subway Ad Imam Was a Dirty Jihadist (CAIR is official Islamic mouthpiece in America, but they are constipated liars who hate the U.S.)

Muslim Women Sue McDonald’s (You can bet there’s going to be lots more where this came from. Just look at the UK.)

Vermont Cable Carrying Al-Jezeera (Bending over.)

American Lawyer Wants to Sue the United States on Behalf of Iran (You had to read that twice, didn’t you?)

New Memorial to “Honor” the Heroes of Flight 93 Features Islamic Crescent (Hood-winked.)

Islamic Evangelization On NYC Subways Sponsored by America-hating Imam (Sign of the times.)

U.S. Government Passes Law to Forbid Use of Dirty Words (Dirty words like “jihad”, “sharia”, “caliphate”, and “Islamofascism”. The refusal to identity and name your enemy is the first signal of defeat.)

Translator Scandals: Muslim Linguists Infiltrate U.S. Gov’t Agencies (It sounds like the synopsis of a Hollywood Spy Thriller. But it’s not.)

This list could go on and on and on. But I just don’t have the time and energy to post any more. You get the point. The hills are alive…with the sound of jihad.

** And this is depressing. So we need a cutie photo. I just love an excuse for a cutie photo. Above, Korean actress Do-Yeon Jeon. Because she’s my favorite Korean actress and I just found out she’s pregnant with her first baby. Congrats to Do-Yeon and her hubby!

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