China Meets Its Match

UPDATE: Yup, in case anyone had any doubt, jihad is on in China:

But the Olympics will likely be safer than any other country with an active jihadist threat, because the Chinese don’t take shit from anyone and they WILL profile:


China, meet Islamic jihad.

Islamic jihad, meet China.

Now that the introductions are over…

I’ve been watching the situation in China since it started getting reported in the mainstream media about every week, mainly since the Beijing Olympics started coming more and more to the public’s attention. There is one major reason that jihad in China is particularly interesting to me. I have a few friends who are living in the States but are native Chinese. All of them told me about a year ago that “there are Muslims who have been in China for more than 500 years and they are completely moderate and totally Chinese. They live like everyone else and the women don’t even wear veils. They have never caused in problems for China.” Since I tend to be a pessimistic person by nature my initial instinct was that this assessment was total bullshit. Not that what my friends were saying wasn’t true, just that they are clueless about the nature of Islamic jihad and ignorant of the true meaning of “moderate” and “peaceful co-existence” when it comes to Islam. I know that Islam is in the world to dominate wherever it is. Period. So I thought it would only be a matter of time before China’s sleeping dragon awoke. And so, it seems that my instinct was right, as we have witnessed for the past few months, leading up to this catastrophe:

Sixteen Chinese policemen have been killed in an attack on a border post in the restive Muslim region of Xinjiang, state media say.Two attackers reportedly drove up to the post in a rubbish truck and threw two grenades, before moving in to attack the policemen with knives.

The attack came four days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games….

Fourteen policemen died at the scene and two on the way to hospital. Another 16 policemen were hurt….

Xinjiang, in the north-west of the country, is home to the Muslim Uighur people. Uighur separatists have waged a low-level campaign against Chinese rule for decades.

Human rights groups say Beijing is suppressing the rights of Uighurs.

The BBC’s Daniel Griffiths in Beijing says China has spoken in the past of what it calls a terrorist threat from Muslim militants in Xinjiang, but it has provided little evidence to back up its claims….

Last week, a senior Chinese army officer warned that Islamic separatists were the biggest danger to the Olympics.

Col Tian Yixiang of the Olympics security command centre told reporters the main threat came from the “East Turkestan terrorist organisation”.

The term is used by the government to refer to Islamist separatists in Xinjiang.

Late last month a group called the Turkestan Islamic Party said it had blown up buses in Shanghai and Yunnan, killing five people.

But China denied that the explosions were acts of terrorism.

The Washington-based IntelCenter, which monitors terrorism communications, said the Turkestan Islamic Party had released a video entitled Our Blessed Jihad in Yunnan.

In it, the group’s leader, Commander Seyfullah, said it was responsible for several attacks and threatened the Olympics.

“The Chinese have haughtily ignored our warnings,” IntelCenter quoted him as saying.

“The Turkestan Islamic Party volunteers… have started urgent actions.”…

These thugs and brutes have made numerous threats against innocent people attending the Olympics. God only knows what will happen in the next week.

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