Italy: Soldiers Deployed to Fight Street Crime

How bad do you think street crime has to be in order for the military to be called in? Have YOU ever had the military called in to YOUR town to fight street crime? And, note that one of the spots they are deployed is to an immigrant center. Can you guess who these immigrants are? I posted back in April about the appalling number of illegal migrants in Italy that are so hateful and show such disregard for Italian law and western civilization that Italy’s PM called them “an army of evil”. Italy has a serious problem with unchecked illegal immigration of people from North Africa (Libyans and others) who are Muslims (not that the media will tell you this, hoping that most people aren’t smart enough to connect the dots–and guess what? Most people aren’t smart enough) who have a long-standing hatred of the West. Anyway:

ROME – The Defense Ministry says hundreds of soldiers have been deployed in cities across Italy as part of government measures to fight street crime.

In Rome, some 400 men and women are deployed at subway and railway stations and at an immigrant center. They are not expected to be immediately deployed in the capital’s historic center.

In Milan, they are patrolling the Duomo cathedral and sensitive sites such as the U.S. consulate and the synagogue.

Lt. Col. Mario Busi says the deployment of soldiers — 3,000 in total — began Monday and will continue through the week.

The measure proposed by Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s government was approved by parliament last month and will remain in effect for six months.

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