Will the REAL Enemy of Islam Please Stand Up

Our friend Creeping Sharia (I can’t stress enough that this is one of the best anti-jihad blogs on the web–Creeping Sharia cuts straight to the heart of Islamic jihad in America. If you want to stay informed about Islamic activity in our beloved country, you need to read that blog) has posted an excellent article by the Middle East Media Research Insititute (popularly known as MEMRI) that essentially blames Muslims themselves as the real enemy of Islam, which I believe to be 100% true. It’s a great article and very, very useful in dialogue with clueless people who think Islam is a religion of peace, and that Muslims are just acting out because they are poor and frustrated, and that “most” of them love the West and want to live in peaceful co-existence with non-Muslims. Read the whole thing here.

“How many prisoners are locked up in Muslim prisons for their opinions, ideas, and cultural identity? Is it in the spirit of Islam that Muslims are fleeing their homeland for ‘heretical’ countries in order to attain security and live in dignity?… Is it in the spirit of Islam to be silent in the face of the tyranny of rulers? Is it in the spirit of Islam that one family should rule over an entire people? Is it in the spirit of Islam that some Muslim countries abound in magnificent palaces while 60% of their population is illiterate? Is it in the spirit of Islam to turn a blind eye to a billionaire’s several profligate satellite channels, whose programs make a mockery of religion and morality, only because [this billionaire] has [also] launched a religious channel?… The truth is that the biggest enemy of Islam is the Muslims themselves, because they have relinquished all decency in dealing with others, as well as the courage to oppose oppression…” [1]

“The Muslim nations must first and foremost purge themselves of [elements] that use Islam and its teachings as a disguise [i.e.] in order to present their crimes against humanity as jihad in the name of Allah… It is inconceivable that the teachings [of Islam] should justify the murder of dozens, [even] thousands, of innocent people. It is such iniquities that have corrupted the image of Islam in the eyes of non-Muslims…

“[Muslim] nations must adopt the language of reason… in order to deal with the attacks on [Islam], and to wage war against ‘Islamic’ extremism, which has distorted Muslim religious teachings…

Of course, what Muslim nations really need to do is purge themselves of Islam altogether, since it’s impossible to purge themselves of certain “elements” of Islam that are incompatible with human decency and modern civilization. Islam cannot be purged of parts of itself. It is a solid, cohesive entity. You either embrace it in its totality or you reject it in is totality.

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