I’ll be Guest-Blogging at Creeping Sharia!

Hey everyone. Don’t know if anyone is even looking at this blog anymore since I disappeared. Um, I have good news, though. The owner of the great blog, Creeping Sharia, which I have quoted from often here, has accepted my offer to help upkeep his blog while he recovers from a medical emergency. So I will be posting over there until he gets himself back in the saddle. Please look for that coming real soon and please also consider leaving a comment or two over there, to show support for the blog. Creeping Sharia focuses on Islam in America and seeks to inform all Americans of the growing threat of Islamofascism in our nation.

Hmm, other than that, some other good news has happened in my absence. I got an awesome new job–I had been looking for about six months (which, since I’m talking about it now, is a major reason I let this blog go quiet, because I had my mind on some serious personal things that I needed to sort out)–and I’m really excited about it. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and frankly, I never thought I’d get the chance. I feel blessed.

What else? Ahhhhhh, yes. We got a new President. Well, I’m not happy with the choice that an overwhelming number of Americans made. On one hand, I fear for the direction Americans are willing to watch our country take and wonder if tha majority of Americans who put Obama into power really ever had a full understanding of what this man was all about. I am convinced that we are facing the rise of Socialism in America which will take full effect under the Obama administration. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s been in the works already, as evidenced by the appalling 700 billion dollar mortgage loan bailout which was backed by, and shoved down our throats, by our supposedly conservative Republican President, George Bush. But Barack Obama will take the cake. I don’t want to sound fatalistic but I sincerely believe America doesn’t know what it got itself into with this guy. That said, I’ll do the one thing that I know to be good and right, which is to keep soon-to-be President Obama closely in my prayers.

The Foxhole has a great entry on Obamanation. Read it here.

No self-respecting democratic Republic will give legitimacy to a socialist president, but then no self-respecting democratic Republic would permit someone like Obama to be a Senator, let alone presidential candidate.

The bulk of the ‘first time voters’ were bribed skid row drunks, college-aged kids who cast their ballot for an MTV icon, and blacks who voted for Obama because of his ethnicity. Then there are the requisite liberals–black, white, and hispanic–who will vote for a democrat, regardless.

Everyone, please keep your eye out for my posts starting sometime in the next few days or so over at Creeping Sharia and show your support.

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