Robert Malley, Obama’s “fired”/not-fired Pro-HAMAS Advisor

I’m plucking this from the blog of Debbie Schlussel, a terrific freedom fighter. You may remember the small scandal that occurred during Obama’s campaign in which he hired a guy named Robert Malley for his foreign policy advisor. Well, um, that didn’t go over too well, because in addition to being found to be frothingly anti-Israel, it also came to light that he was hob-knobbing with HAMAS. When this got out, Obama fired him. Or should I say “fired” him, since it turns out Malley was plugging for Obama all along, and continuing to rub shoulders with the Jew-hating HAMAS leaders while still working for Obama in his “fired” capacity. And this isn’t the first time Obama was caught hiring someone who was a pro-terrorist, anti-Israel wolf in sheep’s clothing with ties to the Muslim Brotherhoodremember this guy? Well, he was also “fired”/stepped down but “not really”. Anyway, Debbie Schlussel has the 411 on the story of Robert Malley, which I think is worth reading. I believe that many “oh-oh’s” are gonna come to light after Obama is sworn in. America, you messed up big time.

Remember Robert Malley, the pro-HAMAS, rabidly anti-Israel foreign policy advisor whom Barack Obama claimed he fired from his campaign when Malley’s extremist point of view came to light?

Well, not only was that a lie–Malley was NOT fired–but Malley has been making entreaties to HAMAS on behalf of Obama for months. I’m sure all the dummies–Jewish and otherwise–who voted for this man for President won’t care about this latest news, since they weren’t bothered by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn.

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