Christians: Dhimmis vs. Freedom Fighters

Two different articles posted at Jihad Watch, both detailing the reponses of Christians to Islamic bullying and oppression. Very, very interesting. Take a look:

First, the Dhimmi version

ROME) – Italy’s top prelate Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco has denounced a Euro MP in the anti-immigration Northern League for his anti-Islamic views, press reports said Saturday.


The Bishop of Genoa and president of the Italian episcopal conference voiced his “total disapproval” of Euro MP Mario Borghezio’s vow to “defend Christianity against profanation by Islam” made in a church in the northern port on Friday.

The Euro deputy made his call at a rally of League members to protest against a city council plans to hold interfaith prayers in the church, a former hospital of the Knights of Malta in the 13th century.

Accompanied by dozens of people waving the League’s flag, Borghezio gained entry to the building by waving his Euro deputy’s card. He then swore to “continue the fight of the Knights of the Order of Malta to defend Christianity.”

Cardinal Bagnasco condemned Borghezio for making his statement in a church, which he said was “solely a place for prayer and worship,” the Corriere della Sera said.

The Northern League scored an unexpected success in general elections in April, taking eight percent of the votes and securing four ministerial posts in the right-wing government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Second, the Freedom Fighter version

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – More than 3,500 Christians have protested in Jayapura, the capital of Indonesian Papua, against the introduction of sharia, Islamic law, in the region.The demonstration of a few days ago was organized by the Indonesian Christian Communication Forum, and took place to the cry of “Papua Pancasila, yes. Papua Syariat Islam, no!”. Pancasila, literally “the five basic pillars”, is the official ideology of the state founded on modern democratic principles like freedom of expression and of religion. Recently in Jakarta there has been talk of introducing sharia in Indonesia. The Christians of the province object that Papua enjoys special legal autonomy, which would prevent the introduction of such law without local approval.

The demonstrators went to the offices of the provincial government, where Tedjo Suprato (who is standing in for the governor Barnabas Suebu, a Catholic, in Mexico on official business) reassured them that Islamic law will not be adopted in Papua….

Which Christian–or person of good will–are you? A Dhimmi or a Freedom Fighter?

How Sweet It Is

For a change, a wonderful tale of a journey from darkness (which is what Islam is, in every way imaginable) to light. This article is mind-blowing. Rarely do we hear any ex-Muslims speak out as strongly, and with no buttered words like Masab is doing here.

 [H/T to Cappie from PM]

Top Hamas leader’s son converts to Christianity
by Ethan Cole, Christian Post
Posted: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 9:22 (BST)

The son of a top Hamas leader has converted to Christianity and prays some day his family will also accept Jesus Christ as their saviour, according to an Israeli newspaper.

Masab Yousef, son of West Bank Hamas leader Sheik Hassan Yousef, revealed for the first time in an exclusive interview with Haaretz newspaper that he has left Islam and is now a Christian. Prior to the interview’s publication last Thursday, Yousef’s family did not know of his faith conversion even though he is in regular contact with them.

“[T]his interview will open many people’s eyes, it will shake Islam from the roots, and I’m not exaggerating,” said Yousef, who now resides in the United States. “What other case do you know where a son of a Hamas leader, who was raised on the tenets of extremist Islam, comes out against it?”

Yousef, who is now 30-years-old, was first exposed to Christianity eight years ago while in Jerusalem, where out of curiosity he accepted an invitation to hear about Christianity. Afterwards, he became “enthusiastic” about what he heard and would secretly read the Bible every day.

A verse like ‘Love thine enemy’ had a great influence on me,” Yousef recalled. “At this stage I was still a Muslim and I thought that I would remain one. But every day I saw the terrible things done in the name of religion by those who considered themselves ‘great believers’.

“I studied Islam more thoroughly and found no answers there. I re-examined the Koran and the principals of the faith and found how it is mistaken and misleading.”

But with Christianity, Yousef said he could understand God as revealed through Jesus Christ. He said he could talk about God and Jesus for days, but Muslims are not able to say anything about God.

“I consider Islam a big lie,” said Yousef. “The people who supposedly represent the religion admired Mohammed more than God, killed innocent people in the name of Islam, beat their wives and don’t have any idea what God is.

“I have no doubt that they’ll go to hell. I have a message for them: There is only one way to paradise – the way of Jesus who sacrificed himself on the cross for all of us.”

Four years ago, Yousef decided to convert to Christianity but did not let his family know. He still helped his father with his political activities, and his father only knew his son had Christian friends.

“I felt responsible. It was better for me to be there rather than a gang of fools who would poison his mind,” Yousef explained. “I tried to understand those people, their thoughts, in order to change them from inside by means of a strong person like my father, who admitted to me in the past that he does not support suicide attacks.”

Yousef described his father as a moderate Hamas leader.

But even before his encounter with Christianity, Yousef had already become disenchanted with Hamas and Islam after being imprisoned at the age of 18 years old for heading a youth Islamic movement at his high school.

He described the Hamas leaders he met in prison as people with “no morals” and “no integrity”, although they hide their corruption better than Fatah party members.

“Nobody knows them and how they operate as well as I do,” Yousef said, recalling how the family of Hamas members killed by Israel were forced to beg for financial assistance while the leadership “abandoned” them and “wasted” tens of thousands of dollars a month only on security for themselves.

“Then (in prison) I understood that not everyone in Hamas is like my father. He’s a nice, friendly man. But I discovered how evil his colleagues are,” Yousef said. “After my release I lost the faith I had in those who ostensibly represented Islam.”

Hamas is considered a terrorist group by the United States, Israel, and many Western countries. The group has publicly vowed to destroy Israel.

Now Yousef, the eldest son of Sheikh Yousef, says he “admires” Israel.

You Jews should be aware: You will never, but never have peace with Hamas,” Yousef stated. “Islam, as the ideology that guides them, will not allow them to achieve a peace agreement with the Jews. They believe that tradition says that the Prophet Mohammed fought against the Jews and that therefore they must continue to fight them to the death.”

He denounced the “entire” Palestinian society as one that “sanctifies death and the suicide terrorist.Yousef highlighted that Hamas was the first to use suicide bombers as weapons against civilians.

“In Palestinian culture a suicide terrorist becomes a hero, a martyr. Sheiks tell their students about the ‘heroism of the shaheeds (martyr)’.”


“They (Hamas) are blind and ignorant. It’s true, there are good and bad people everywhere, but Hamas supporters don’t understand that they are led by a wicked and cruel group that brainwashes the children and gets them to believe that if they carry out a suicide attack they’ll get to paradise,” he said.

The Muslim-turned-Christian says he does not think Islam will survive for more than 25 years because the truth about Islam will be exposed given the mass communication available in the modern age.

Article from Christian Today:….anity/21157.htm

I pray that he is right about Islam not lasting as the truth comes out. In the mean time we still have a big fight of culture and ideology ahead of us. Islam won’t go quietly into the night in any case. And Masab may need a new passport and identity after this.

King Abdulblah Giggles Into Hand

And Muslims have the nerve to lie and say there is no compulsion in religion. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars.

Forcing Islam on a person is not necessarily done with the blade of a sword. It’s pretty hard to say no to a religion that takes away every element of your own religion. Very difficult for persecuted Christians to be firm in their Faith after years and years of this abuse. That’s why so many have given up and just submitted over the centuries. And then it only takes one or two generations to forget that they ever were Christians in the first place. In this way, Christians lose their Faith twice: first by force and then secondly by being robbed of their ancestral heritage. I can only imagine how exhausting–emotionally, mentally and spiritually–it must be to have to be on your toes and looking over your shoulder every second of the day, never knowing when you have your home searched and razed, be fired from a job, hauled in and out of jails, and being subjected to humiliation and even torture. Only the very strongest of human beings can endure it.


Saudi Arabia to Deport 15 Christians
August 4, 2008

The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Saudi Arabia is deporting 15 Christians on Tuesday, August 5th, for holding private worship meetings in a house in the city of Taif.

On Friday, April 25, twelve Saudi Arabian police raided a house where 16 Christians were holding a prayer meeting. The first officer to enter the house after breaking down the main gate pointed a pistol at the Christians and ordered them to hand over their resident permits and mobile phones. The other 11 police followed quickly and started searching the entire house. They confiscated an electronic drum set, an offering box with 500 Saudi Riyal in it ($130), 20 bibles, and a few Christian books.

The police initially accused the Christians of preaching the Bible and singing. They later changed the charge to holding a “dance party” and collecting money to support terrorism.

During the raid, the police mocked, questioned and harassed the Christians for four hours. Then they took them to a police station where the head of the station interrogated them. The head of the police then wrote down their “statements” in Arabic and forced the Christians, who are immigrants and not able to read or write Arabic, to sign the statements.

After the interrogations, the Christians were incarcerated and held incommunicado. After three days, the Christians were finally released on April 27, 2008 at 8 PM.

Upon release, one of the Christians permanently departed the country. The others, thinking that their ordeal was over, went back to their daily lives and work but soon received letters demanding that they leave the country immediately.

The arrested Christians are hard working people who came to Saudi Arabia to improve their lives and to contribute to the economic growth of the country. The Saudi officials’ decision to deport them for practicing their faith is despicable.

The decision to deport them runs contrary to recent attempts to portray the kingdom as a beacon of reconciliation among Christians, Muslims, Jews and others. Three weeks ago, Saudi Arabia hosted an interfaith conference in Madrid, Spain. During the conference that took place from July 16-19, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia called for reconciliation among various religions.

Jeff King, ICC’s President, said, “Deporting Christians for worshipping in their private homes shows that King Abdullah’s speech is mere rhetoric and his country is deceiving the international community about their desire for change and reconciliation.”

The Moon Cult Fears Prayer

Non-Islamic prayer, that is. I noticed this same thing when His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI visit the Hagia Sophia. He was told ahead that non-Muslims are not allowed to perform any outward signs of prayer while inside “the mosque” (which isn’t a true mosque; it’s a stolen Christian basilica). He was not even allowed to make the sign of the Cross over himself as is the tradition of Catholics to do even before silent prayer.

The Faith That Fears Prayer

by: Michael Medved

After Israel unified Jerusalem in the Six Day War of 1967, the government foolishly granted Islamic authorities – the Waqf—exclusive control of the Temple Mount. This means that when Jewish or Christian visitors want to connect with the holiest spot of Jewish history, where both Temples once stood, they must submit to the rules of fanatical Islam. When my listener tour of Israeli recently toured the Temple Mount, “minders” from the Waqf followed our every move, confiscating hymnals, bibles, even notebooks, and warning visitors of potential arrest if they dared to pray or recite scriptural verses. It’s possible to visit Christian cathedrals and offer prayers from other traditions, or enter Jewish synagogues and pray or meditate according to your conscience. Only Islamic authorities, even at a Jewish holy site, feel profoundly threatened even by quiet prayers they don’t control.