The Moon Cult Fears Prayer

Non-Islamic prayer, that is. I noticed this same thing when His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI visit the Hagia Sophia. He was told ahead that non-Muslims are not allowed to perform any outward signs of prayer while inside “the mosque” (which isn’t a true mosque; it’s a stolen Christian basilica). He was not even allowed to make the sign of the Cross over himself as is the tradition of Catholics to do even before silent prayer.

The Faith That Fears Prayer

by: Michael Medved

After Israel unified Jerusalem in the Six Day War of 1967, the government foolishly granted Islamic authorities – the Waqf—exclusive control of the Temple Mount. This means that when Jewish or Christian visitors want to connect with the holiest spot of Jewish history, where both Temples once stood, they must submit to the rules of fanatical Islam. When my listener tour of Israeli recently toured the Temple Mount, “minders” from the Waqf followed our every move, confiscating hymnals, bibles, even notebooks, and warning visitors of potential arrest if they dared to pray or recite scriptural verses. It’s possible to visit Christian cathedrals and offer prayers from other traditions, or enter Jewish synagogues and pray or meditate according to your conscience. Only Islamic authorities, even at a Jewish holy site, feel profoundly threatened even by quiet prayers they don’t control.

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